Collaborative work


Collaborative work is one that is carried out between several individuals who contribute their ideas, training and collaborate together to enrich the work they are developing and achieve optimal results.

Prehistory is the moment that must be highlighted to mention the emergence of collaborative work. Already in those times primitive men collaborated with each other when carrying out activities, such as gathering food, hunting, and all this was giving rise to socialization.

When talking about collaborative work, it must be borne in mind that it is a choice based on altruistic ways, on establishing good communication between the individuals who participate, on determining fruitful agreements for the development of the work, on making decisions jointly, and in having common goals.

It is important to learn to relate openly and sincerely with others if this type of collaborative work is carried out. You cannot focus on individual goals, but you have to have clarity of ideas and seek the common good.

If we focus on the company, it should be noted that this type of option can be given in different ways, between departments, or between the professionals themselves who come together to carry out a shared objective. There are many other sectors in which collaborative work is also used: education, types of marketing, sports, among others.

What are the characteristics of collaborative work?

These are the main features:

  • Collective thinking: This is the basis, since it is not possible to think at the individual level, but the objective is common, as well as the achievements that are achieved, will all be shared among the individuals who participate. There must be positive feedback and optimal cooperation between all components.
  • Responsibility with the tasks: Although the thinking is collective, and the collaboration has the same character, it is necessary to be responsible with the individual tasks and actions that will influence the rest of the process.
  • The objectives must be defined in the first instance for the knowledge of all: The idea is to achieve them through shared work and the sum of the individual tasks of all the members of this type of work.
  • Without leaders: When it comes to collaborative work, there is no specific leader, all members have a voice and vote, they intervene, and the opinions expressed on any topic or issue are taken into account.
  • It is important to enhance all the skills you have: They will be very useful for the implementation of the tasks, and you can also help the rest of the team to enhance their work.

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