Social values


Social values ​​are those criteria that are shared and put into practice by the members of a society. These types of values ​​serve to coexist respectfully and in harmony among all the members that make up society.

Social values ​​help people who are part of a society to live in harmony. They are criteria and aspects that they share and show in order to have a coexistence based on respect.

These values ​​are not always the same, but are susceptible to change over time and do not have to be shared or similar in all types of societies.

One of the outstanding objectives of social values ​​is the fact that they regulate the behaviors of the people who make up communities. They serve to guarantee order, coexistence and also promote stability among people.

Culture intervenes in the conception of social values. What is acceptable or not, what is right or wrong or what is considered good.

The 5 most outstanding social values

We have commented that social values ​​may differ from one society to another, but there are some values ​​that are applicable to the majority. In addition, they help govern the laws and rules of coexistence.

These are the most prominent:

  • Equity: It is intended that all people have the same opportunities and can achieve the same things without taking into account the particular conditions of each one. For this, it is vitally important to assess what each person deserves fairly.
  • Friendship: It is a very outstanding social value. It is the bond that is generated between two or more people in any field. Friendship can arise between children at school or between co-workers.It is a very precious social value and that also enhances social relationships.
  • Responsibility: A person's performance, dedication or desire to achieve a goal. This social value is essential when you want to achieve a purpose and you have to put into practice your perseverance and strengths.
  • Tolerance: It is a very important social value to apply it personally and socially. It is an indispensable weapon to understand certain people and situations that can become stressful. Not losing your cool at certain times is a great sign of self-control.
  • Honesty: This value makes it easier for us to be honest with ourselves and with the people around us. It is essential to be transparent and go with the truth ahead. In the long run, honesty is always valued.

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