Civic values


Civic values ​​are those that are considered optimal and positive for the proper development of a society. These behaviors are required of the individual to put them into practice and generate a common respect for these forms of behavior.

With its implementation, civic values ​​aim for a society to develop in a balanced, healthy and respectful manner among all its members.

It is essential that all individuals who are part of a community, know these types of values ​​to carry them out. In addition, civic values ​​are closely related to the societies where they are manifested, since they have to be transmitted so that they are not forgotten.

Therefore, they are values ​​that are inherited from generation to generation so that they never disappear.

Getting citizens that are respectful, responsible and sincere with the rest is something that is achieved if civic values ​​are implemented.

What are the most prominent civic values?

These are some of the main civic values:

  • Respect: It is a very significant value because its claim is to respect other citizens. Consider and value their opinions as respectable as your own and learn to live peacefully with all those who do not share your own ideas.
  • Solidarity: Having a supportive behavior with someone fosters relationships and builds trust. Solidarity is something that all societies yearn for, since in the most difficult moments being able to help each other is something very significant. Thanks to the implementation of these behaviors, friendships emerge and relationships are strengthened. For example, a co-worker has forgotten his lunch and I divide my portion to offer him food and share it with him during breakfast.
  • Responsibility: Fulfilling one's obligations is essential for the development of our lives. That will make the rest of the people or related things also work in accordance and our behavior will be valued. For example, if someone has lent me a book, I will return it to them and I will also do it in the time that we have stipulated.
  • Humility: Being humble helps to learn from mistakes and the victories that one achieves. It is the ability to accept yourself and everything around you. It encompasses respect and moves away from humiliation to the contrary or derogatory behaviors. For example, if I play a tennis match and lose it, I will simply congratulate the opponent and find a way to improve, but without judging or criticizing myself. The idea is to analyze the reasons why I lost and make a constructive criticism of my development on the track to improve.

Civic Courage Example

Next, we will show an example of civic courage.

During the coronavirus pandemic, many people have been left without food and starving. Many citizens and associations donated products to help all those who were harmed. This act of solidarity would be a visible and practical example of civic courage.

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