Vending is an Anglicism that refers to a type of product marketing, which is carried out as a self-service through vending machines.

That is to say, with vending we refer to a form of sale where the consumer acquires the desired product by activating an artifact from where the merchandise is supplied automatically.

To operate the vending machine, the user can use different means of payment, depending on which are enabled, be it cash, bank cards or another.

It should be noted that many types of merchandise are sold through the vent: packaged foods, canned and bottled beverages, electronic devices, and even some hygiene products.

It should be noted that vending machines also include those "post-mix" beverage machines where the user chooses a certain mix. A notable example is that of automatic coffee machines.

Advantages and disadvantages of vending

Among the advantages of vending we can highlight:

  • They allow the customer to satisfy an immediate need, for example when he is on the move. Thus, there are vending machines in the stations of public transport services.
  • The user acquires the product without having to wait for another person to attend their order.
  • They are usually easy to use and give back (or change) in case the buyer pays with cash.
  • The machines are enabled 24 hours a day, as long as the establishment where they are located is open.

However, there are also some disadvantages:

  • The buyer is not served by another person, so he could not, for example, make a claim if he receives a product in poor condition. However, they usually indicate customer service phone numbers on a sticker located on the machine.
  • The machine could be damaged, for example, the buyer's money or the product that he wanted to buy could get stuck inside the device.
  • There are products that due to their size cannot be shipped from a machine.
  • There are merchandise whose target audience requires personalized attention and guidance from the seller. Something that happens, for example, for certain high-end technological products.

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