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Why choose us?

We are a team of professionals (individuals, lawyers and traders) with over 10 years of experience. We are at the heart of the sharing of experiences and basic services to individuals and businesses of all types.

International Fame

Goka Finance offers loans to fair and competitive rates (a rate among the lowest in the market). We exclusively offer redeemable loans, fixed rate and monthly installments, with no hidden fees.

Fast and convenient

Exceptionally fast, our loan application analysis technologies help fund a project in record time. The automation of certain treatments loan applications allows objective and instant decisions, avoiding biased judgments and intrusive questions

Popular Customer Service

The customer is at the heart of our concerns and our organization. Our customer service and our caring counselors are appreciated by our customers worldwide.

The services we offer

Consumer loan

The consumer credit is the credit category granted to individuals by our structure to finance the purchase of goods and services, large equipment expenses (cars, furniture). Get a consumer credit, ...

Home loan

The real estate loan is a loan to finance all or part of the real estate acquisition, operation or construction work on the property. If you need a loan for the acquisition of a building or land, Goka ...

Repurchase credit

This solution consists of replacing one or more existing loans by a single loan at a rate 3% in Goka Finance, but amortized over a longer duration in line with the income of the borrower. Individuals ...


The lease is a lease system whereby a customer rents a property. However, it has a purchase option at the end of the agreed period. Get a lease, at Goka Finance, up to 75,000 euros at a fixed rate 3% ...

Student loan

A loan to fund your education? The student loan is a loan that allows you to make your plans and fund your studies. Borrow up to 70,900 euros for a maximum repayment period of 9 years. Rate single ...

Personal loan

You need a consumer credit for personal projects or for cash flow needs? Goka Finance is the ideal solution. The Personal Loan in Goka Finance is a loan in the short or medium term to maximum 83 ...



Who are we ?

Goka Finance is a reputable lender license, headquartered in Germany. The company was created with the belief that everyone should have equal access to better financing options, now and forever. Since its establishment, we are proud to help people of all backgrounds, without distinction of continent, country or financial situation. We believe that each person is the best manager of his own life and that everyone deserves a second chance.

How it works?

It's easy, reliable and 100% safe.

I. The Online Application

Make your request online by completing the form. Take care to learn the correct and accurate information. All requests with incorrect or erroneous information will simply and purely canceled.

II. A study of your request

Upon receiving your request, a timetable is proposed based on the information you have filled in your application online. The schedule can be changed at your convenience.

III. The Provision of the loan

Upon review of your application, you will receive your credit agreement. The funds are immediately made available to you by bank transfer. In 15 minutes or you already have a loan with us.