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You are currently viewing the site Goka Finance which is published by Goka Finance Technology.
This website is hosted on the servers of Microsoft AZURE.
Company name: Company Goka Finance
Trade name: Goka Finance
Limited company with capital of: 77,873,650 €
RCS: Berlin No. 841586376
No. ORIAS: 11061269
No. VAT: DE18517516376
SIRET: 5175863760041
EPA: 6619B
No. approval: 16485
Social seating: 1 rue croix de misons,
54390 Frouard.

Our activities

Since September 12 2004, Goka Finance approved by the Prudential Control Authority and Resolution as a Credit Institution and Service Provider Investment under the number 16485. In particular, Goka Finance is authorized to grant the following:

  • Granting of consumer credit in the form of installment loans to individual customers in France, Italy, the United States, Belgium, Spain, throughout Africa and soon in China
  • Agent of insurance intermediary, to offer optional insurance policies covering the risks of death, disability, job loss to customers of borrowers
  • Receiving repayable funds from the public in the form of term deposit accounts
  • Reception of orders Transmission to third parties, not Guaranteed Investment on debt securities and Investment Advisory.

Offers of Goka Finance, accessible via the French version of its website, are reserved:

  • For the consumer credit to a clientele of major creditworthy individuals residing in metropolitan Germany
  • For the investment product: a "professional" investor base within the meaning of Article L533-16 of the Monetary and Financial Code and having an account in a bank in a country of the European Economic Area European.

Goka Finance is a member of the Guarantee Fund of Deposits and Resolution (FGDR) and contributes to the Single Resolution Fund.

Cash deposits collected by Goka Finance as a term deposit accounts and securities that it holds are covered by guarantees mechanisms managed by the FGDR under the conditions and in the manner defined by Article L . 312-4 and following of the monetary and financial Code. These terms are available.

Financials - Warning

Goka Finance attracts the attention of users who want to invest, and warns them generally about the risks associated with an investment in securities, ie the risk of hazards, volatility and liquidity, some of them are likely to generate a partial or total loss of their investment.

Before placing order, Goka Finance recommends the consultation of information relating to securities, the operations concerned, as well as their characteristics and potential risks, among others available on its website.

Goka Finance accept responsibility for the consequences of orders transmitted, including any financial losses incurred by a client for whatever reason, among others, ignorance of markets and risks. Investors should conduct their own risk analysis and will, if necessary, consult with their own legal, financial, tax, accounting or other professional. In particular, since your tax residents outside of metropolitan France, you are required before resorting to service Goka Finance to check that they are compatible with the laws applicable to you. Goka Finance does not bear any liability for any violation thereof.

If Goka Finance provide investors with advice, information or recommendations, the responsibility Goka Finance could not be committed in relation to the profitability of its advice, information or recommendations. Goka Finance recommends that you read the "Risk factors" of the Supplementary Regulations of the CTF Goka Finance.

The investment product Goka Finance without capital guarantee and limited liquidity, is intended for adult audiences. To invest borrowers on project Goka Finance and take advantage of the proposed rate attractive returns must be regarded as professional investors within the meaning of Article L. 533-16 of the Monetary and Financial Code.

The categorization in professional customer causes a lower level of protection that the status of retail client. Goka Finance is free to accept or refuse to categorize potential investors as a professional client on the basis of the assessment of their competence, experience, knowledge of financial matters and financial capacity to absorb a loss.

reception - transmission of orders

In case of malfunction of the system for receiving orders Goka Finance informs into possible customers of the nature and expected duration of the malfunction and the possible procurement methods.

management of conflicts of interest

In accordance with the regulations, Goka Finance has implemented and maintains a policy and detection of potential situations of conflict of interest management.


Borrowers, investors in case of complaint please send us an email at: contact@goka-finance.com. We promise to respond within 10 days.

CNIL declaration and privacy

Goka Finance wishes through this section reaffirm its commitment to respect the obligations of the Act 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms and the principle of respect for private life resulting.

In accordance with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, any person has at any time a right of access, rectification, opposition, especially on the use purposes commercial prospecting, and delete for legitimate reasons of data concerning. To exercise any of these rights, you can send an email to Customer Service (contact@goka-finance.com) which shall submit to Data Protection Correspondent. Your request will be processed as soon as possible.

for borrowers

  1. The requested information is mandatory and failing to complete response, the request may be refused by Goka Finance, responsible for treatment. Any false or irregular declaration may be subject to special treatment intended to prevent fraud.
  2. As part of the study of your application for funding, Goka Finance can use data that are already known him for your personal, economic, financial and banking, and, where appropriate, those relating to members your home. These data and the data you provide in your application are used for the award decision and the constitution of statistical models. In case of refusal Goka Finance, you can apply it to an interview to present observations.
  3. Goka Finance may use that data, as well as any information about you to management operations, recovery, and credit risk evaluation, granting study, investigations and surveys and actions commercial, including the proposal electronically to similar products or services, unless you object as provided in j). These data can be used to meet the measures and regulatory requirements, especially for the transmission of information to the Central File of vouchers, the empowered group of companies for the purposes of management and financial control and the fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism by the establishment of a treatment monitoring.
  4. The data are subject to an electronic management and processing of documents in the quality process framework Goka Finance, your telephone conversations with his services are likely to be recorded.
  5. The information received will be passed on to businesses and subcontractors involved at the request of Goka Finance.
  6. Under the conditions set by the Monetary and Financial Code, they can be transmitted as part of specific operations such as the study or development of products offered in partnership with other group companies Goka Finance. Some information can be transmitted to a management company as part of a securitization transaction.
  7. It may also be, in relation to the study, granting and prevention of delinquency, the subsidiaries Goka Finance and credit institutions subject to professional secrecy, related to Goka Finance for the management of their loans to individuals.
  8. The above information may also be a transfer of data to recipients, subcontractors and business partners located in a country outside the European Union.
  9. The list of the 7 listed companies) and 8) and the detailed information on data transfers (recipients, country, CNIL deliberation number) are available from the Borrowers Service lender and on the website (WEBSITE_NAME ).
  10. In accordance with the "Data Protection" law, you have a right to access, correction and objection free of charge by writing to the Borrowers Service.
  11. Unless you object, the information may be disclosed for commercial purposes to services providers that you have made in your customer quality Goka Finance and group companies Goka Finance for setting public means or presentation of products and services managed by these companies. It is possible to object to receiving commercial canvassing by checking the box provided for this purpose on the information collection form.


Goka Finance considers all personal data about the person and are collected on its site (including name, address, phone number and email address) are confidential data that can be transmitted or exploited only in ways that are described below.

Some information provided by the people, especially those marked with an asterisk are directly used by Goka Finance for the management needs of the relationship and the product and/or service purchased as well to meet legal and regulatory requirements force. If a person chooses not to communicate Goka Finance can process his application. The information collected may be used by Goka Finance to transmit to people, in compliance with the laws in force, trade information or offers, by any means of communication (including by post and/or electronic, telephone ...).

Similarly, Goka Finance is required to collect information on the tax residence of account holders in accordance with applicable tax regulations. This information is not intended to be used for marketing purposes. They may, by express agreement, and as required to be communicated to the tax authorities type of competent authorities including outside the European Economic Area to countries whose laws on data protection are different from those of the European Union. These transfers occur in conditions and under appropriate safeguards to protect your personal data.

In accordance with regulatory provisions, Goka Finance maintains this information in secure conditions and for the time necessary for their operation. They are communicated to third parties to meet legal and regulatory obligations.

Information and newsletters

In order to keep you informed of our news and the benefits you can get, you will receive offers from our company electronically.


It is recalled that the secrecy of private correspondence is not guaranteed on the Internet. Moreover, it is up to each Internet user to take all appropriate measures to protect their data and/or software from contamination by any viruses circulating on the Internet.

The identification and authentication of the client, including necessary to access their accounts and contracts and to perform operations and transactions will be carried out in all cases by entering the email with which the customer s is registered and a password (hereinafter the "Keys"). These keys are personal and confidential, all transmitted order or transaction performed by the last will be considered (e) have been spent (s) by the Customer who shall bear all the consequences. Thus the Customer acknowledges that validation after entering worth Keys from her unconditional acceptance of the content of pages browsed and operation features enabled, and hear a signature that, between the parties, the same value that a handwritten signature.

The Customer acknowledges that the electronic equivalent of writing within the meaning of Civil Code provisions and provides a reliable, accurate and durable. Telematics recordings, computer or magnetic Goka Finance constitute proof of the transactions of the customer using remote services used ie Internet, telephone and mail. In case of loss or theft of identification and authentication elements, the customer must immediately notify Goka Finance by phone or email, with confirmation by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt (sent to Goka Finance Service Lenders - 24 rue Drouot - CS 90600 - 75009 Berlin) and, within 48 hours of the declaration by telephone or email. Goka Finance then deactivate said elements as soon as possible. However, all operations that would have been made by the latter remain to the customer until deactivation Goka Finance.

Messages and documents transmitted via the website Goka Finance are strictly confidential and are for the recipient.

Goka Finance accepts no liability for any alteration or falsification likely to affect the transmitted messages.

For operational safety, customer communications with the server Goka Finance are fully encrypted using SSL. This protocol is based on a server certificate signed by the certification authority Certplus. This security is indicated by a padlock that appears in the customer's browser window and guarantees at any time that is in communication with the secure server Goka Finance. Finally all telephone conversations with a counselor may be recorded by Goka Finance, for reasons of quality of service and management of evidence.

To prevent any unlawful behavior or to respond to a request for clarification of a claim or an order, the data collected as part of a connection (such as date and time of connection, encrypted password, IP address) is retained by the applicable regulations in force.


As for the links Goka Finance SA could create his site "Goka Finance" to other internal or external sites, Goka Finance SA is not responsible for the editorial content of such other sites or their access conditions.


Access to the site Goka Finance is subject to specific terms and conditions mentioned in this Legal Notice. By using this site, every user accepts to comply with the following defined conditions, that Goka Finance reserves the right to modify at any time.

Goka Finance reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate any service or product set or online.

The terms of use of the site and the legal disclaimer being regularly updated by Goka Finance. Goka Finance invites any Internet user to regularly check them. Current versions of the conditions of use of the site and the legal disclaimer are binding on every Internet Site Goka Finance. Anyone wishing to have a product or service depicted is invited to consider the information available online and/or contact Customer Service by Goka Finance it to be informed of all the features and underwriting conditions products and services. Indeed, the Access to the products and services on the website Goka Finance is subject to restrictions or exclusion in respect of certain persons or in certain countries, notably due to legal or regulatory restrictions and/or specifications and/or risks. Additional information can be provided to you by Customer Service.

text, photographs, images, drawings and sounds, and more generally all the elements contained in the site are protected by copyright. Any reproduction, partial or total, is strictly prohibited. Goka Finance may at any time access to the site, upon notice, due to any breach of these conditions by a customer. Goka Finance can not be held liable in the event of such a decision. Notifications can be sent by any means, including by courier's website Goka Finance.

The applicable law is French law, the language is French and the competent courts are French courts.


Access to all site services remains subject to normal use of online services, and the absence of event (s) not falling due Goka Finance as (s ) as force majeure, act (s) maliciously interruption (s) of electronic communications and/or phone, total or partial unavailability of the server for any reason whatsoever or misuse services (non exhaustive list). Goka Finance can not be held responsible for any damage resulting from a partial or total disruption of its services or a total or partial unavailability of the website or one of its phone numbers because of an event or act which it has no control, especially due to the one of the above mentioned events.

Warning: the connections are subject to the provision of access charges and the cost of telephone communication in force, the latter being the responsibility of the user


He reminded the risks inherent in the electronic transmission of information. Delays, omissions or inaccuracies may occur. The information is provided as is, regardless of their source. The general structure, as well as software, text, data, moving or still images, sounds, know-how, drawings, graphics and other website component element Goka Finance are protected by copyright. Any total or partial representation of this site by any means whatsoever without the prior express consent of Goka Finance is prohibited and constitutes an infringement punishable by Articles L.335-2 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property, without prejudice to any further proceedings including civil level.


Total or partial reproduction of this site by any means whatsoever, without the prior express consent of Goka Finance is prohibited and constitutes an infringement punishable by articles L.335-2 of the Code of intellectual property, without prejudice to any further proceedings including civil level.

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