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Michael Bloomberg is a prominent businessman and politician. He is known worldwide for the founding of the news corporation, which bears his name, Bloomberg L.P.

The American Michael Bloomberg, whose full name is Michael Rubens Bloomberg, is one of the main references in the business world of the United States.

Born in Boston in 1942 to a middle-class family, Bloomberg enjoyed a quality education at universities such as Johns Hopkins and Harvard.

Being awarded a scholarship for his academic merits, he pursued his training in the financial field: From the initial electrical engineering to his specialization in business management.

For this reason, at a very young age he began working at the financial intermediation company Salomon Brothers.

During his professional career, Bloomberg has been able to consolidate his leadership position in the field of financial and economic communication thanks to his own idea.

Along this path, some of the business values ​​attributed to it in the sector are constant innovation or attentive customer service.

Foundation and development of the company Bloomberg L.P.

While for nearly two decades operating on Wall Street, Michael Bloomberg enjoyed professional success, eventually becoming a partner at Salomon, in the early 1980s he was unemployed.

He used his severance pay and savings to found his own project, Bloomberg L.P. Its objective was to facilitate communication and the development of stock transactions in real time through a single platform.

The rapid growth of the company (translated into hundreds of thousands of subscriptions to the service each year) meant that it began to embrace new communication tasks to its position today.

As a result of this success, an extensive chain of information services on economic matters was born, expanded throughout the world. Bloomberg News or Bloomberg Radio are a clear example of this process of business expansion.

At the end of the 20th century, and after making a huge fortune, Bloomberg made the decision to leave the position of CEO of the company to dedicate his time to philanthropy and his political career.

Michel Bloomberg in the political arena

Attached to the Democratic party in recent years, Bloomberg has walked the path of politics in recent decades.

So much so, that at the beginning of the 21st century he was mayor of New York, between 2002 and 2013. Although on that occasion, he acceded to the position on the side of the Republicans, which accentuates his technocratic and independent profile.

After years of global hearsay, Michael Bloomberg began his attempt to run for the US presidential election. in 2020. However, he did not manage to overcome the process of the first democrats.

International relevance of Michael Bloomberg

Year after year, the American is in the lists of the highest fortunes in the world.

Bloomberg has used the effects of his success and influence as a successful entrepreneur to tackle other fields.

In this sense, it has derived its interest towards environmental sustainability. For this reason, he performs the work of Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary General for Climate Ambition and Solutions.

On the other hand, the altruistic facet of the American also led him to the creation of an institution like the Children’s Health Fund’s. This organization is in charge of helping minors in situations of violence in the domestic environment.

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