Apple results: iPhone falls, wearables rise


Just a few hours ago Apple presented its latest results, the result has been seen as positive by the market and the company's shares rise in pre-opening.

The Cupertino company under the command of Tim Cook has offered results that without records, seem to convince investors. The company's results seem to stabilize and dissolve some dark clouds that hovered over the apple.

In its results today, corresponding to the third fiscal quarter, Apple beat analysts' forecasts with sales that stood close to $ 53.81 billion. This figure represents a growth of 1% compared to the same quarter of last year.

How is Apple's income distributed?

One of the great unknowns of the company was its hypothetical ability to diversify its income. Without a doubt, the iPhone is the flagship of Cupertino. So much so, that it is the first time since 2012, the income from the smartphone represents less than 50% of the total. In this sense, regardless of whether the company is able to continue offering what its users expect on its terminals, it seems to want to show that Apple is more than the iPhone.

With this distribution, the growth with respect to the same quarter of the previous year is as follows:

  • iPhone: Registered revenues of about 25,990 million dollars, which means a 12% drop compared to the previous year. The positive reading, however, is that the fall seems to have slowed down and is slowing down.
  • Services: Revenues rose to around $ 11.46 billion. This section includes services such as iTunes, App Store or Apple Music, in addition to what Google pays Apple for including its browser as the default on its devices. The growth of this source was 12% compared to the previous year.
  • Mac: Sales of the Mac, in contrast to the iPhone, are growing in revenue. With sales equivalent to 5,820 million dollars, growth was 11%.
  • Wearables: The iWatch or Home services about which some had and still have doubts have grown 48% with revenues of 5.525 million dollars. It remains to be seen how this part of the business evolves, since despite the great growth there are still doubts about this type of device.
  • iPad: Finally, the lowest income item was accounted for by the iPad with just over $ 5 billion in sales. The growth of this item reached 8%.

However, Apple must continue to reinvent itself, improving its terminals, maintaining its quality of customer service both before and after the sale and adjusting to new market trends. Otherwise, the company will be relegated to move down from where it is located.

To learn more about Apple's financial results you can access the following link:

Apple fundamentals

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