World's Largest Companies 2013


To speak of the largest companies in the world is to speak of the most important companies with the greatest power and influence at a global level. The first company on the list has a market value similar to Colombia's annual production (GDP) (about 280 billion euros). See here list of countries by GDP.

The conclusions that we can draw from the list are, first of all, that The United States continues to demonstrate that it is the world's leading economic power, no matter how much it is said that hegemony in the world is turning towards Asia. Of the ten most valuable companies in the world, nine are American. By region, of the 50 companies on the list, 28 are American, 13 European (six British, three Swiss, two Belgian, one French and one Dutch), 8 Asian (five Chinese, one Japanese, one from Hong Kong and one from Hong Kong). South Korea) and an Australian. It is true that China will soon surpass the United States in GDP, but even so, economic power will remain in the hands of the United States for a long time. The largest company in Europe is the Swiss pharmaceutical company Hoffman-La Roche, ranked 15th in the world.

Among the most important companies in the world, the dominant sector is information and communication technologies (ICTs), three of the top four in this sector. Among them, we must highlight the significant fall in Apple's shares in the last year, which has made it lose the "title" of the world's largest company. From Apple itself they went so far as to say that one day it would be worth the same as the GDP of Spain (about 3.5 times greater than that of Colombia).

Precisely the largest company in the countries Spanish speakers, Ecopetrol, is Colombian, which is ranked 69th in the world and is the third largest company in Latin America, after Brazil's Ambev and Petrobras. It is followed by the Mexican América Móvil (position 81) and the three Spanish Inditex, Telefónica and Banco Santander, in positions 84, 103 and 133 in the world. Both Telefónica and Santander have lost a few positions on the list due to the current economic crisis.

Rank Company Country Market Capitalization
1 Exxon Mobil Corp. USES. 308,28
2 Apple Inc. USES. 294,93
3 Google Inc. USES. 226,17
4 Microsoft Corp. USES. 220,32
5 Berkshire Hathaway Inc. USES. 214,01
6 Wall-Mart Stores Inc. USES. 187,66
7 Johnson & Johnson USES. 186,83
8 General Electric USES. 185,30
9 PetroChina Company Ltd China 177,51
10 Chevron Corp. USES. 177,28
11 Indutrial & Comercial Bank of China Ltd. China 173,11
12 Wells Fargo & Co. USES. 168,20
13 Toyota Motor Corp. Japan 165,41
14 Procter & Gamble USES. 164,19
15 Hoffmann-La Roche Switzerland 163,01
16 International Business Machines Corp. (IBM) USES. 162,85
17 Nestlé S.A. Switzerland 162,61
18 China Mobile Ltd. Hong Kong 160,51
19 Royal Dutch Shell plc Netherlands 157,84
20 JP Morgan Chase USES. 152,33
21 Pfizer Inc. USES. 151,30
22 HSBC Holdings plc U.K. 150,23
23 Novartis International AG Switzerland 147,20
24 AT&T Inc. USES. 145,82
25 The Coca-Cola Company USES. 138,36
26 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. South Korea 133,02
27 China Construction Bank Corp. China 130,89
28 BHP Billiton plc U.K. 115,49
29 BHP Billiton Ltd. Australia 115,39
30 Citigroup Inc. USES. 112,73
31 Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc. Belgium 111,40
32 Verizon Communications Inc. USES. 110,63
33 Philip Morris International Inc. USES. 109,92
34 Merck & Co., Inc. USES. 107,39
35 Oracle Corp. USES. 107,06
36 Bank of America Corp. USES. 107,03
37 Sanofi S.A. France 105,68
38 Vodafone Group plc U.K. 105,58
39 SPDR S&P 500 ETF USES. 102,98
40 Agricultural Bank of China Ltd. China 101,62
41 BP plc U.K. 100,99
42 Cisco Systems, Inc. USES. 99,86
43, Inc. USES. 98,61
44 PepsiCo, Inc. USES. 97,41
45 GlaxoSmithKline plc (gsk) U.K. 95,30
46 Visa, Inc. USES. 92,43
47 Unilever plc U.K. 91,89
48 Unilever N.V. Netherlands 91,85
49 Bank of China Ltd. China 91,84
50 Intel Corp. USES. 91,17
69 Ecopetrol S.A. Colombia 67,03
81 America Movil Mexico 60,98
84 Inditex S.A. Spain 59,90
103 Santander Bank Spain 54,59
133 Telefonica S.A. Spain 45,26
159 Wallmart of Mexico and Central America Mexico 38,88
186 BBVA Spain 35,67
Data in billions of €

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