Most exported products from Argentina


In this list we expose the list of the ten most exported products from Argentina, with food industry waste appearing in the first position with 10.8 billion dollars and representing 18.7% of the total percentage, followed with a certain distance by cereals with 7 billion dollars and a percentage of 12.1%, and we closed the third place with vehicles, representing a value of imports of 5 billion dollars and 8.7% of the total percentage.

As we can see in the ranking, there is a very slight distance from each other throughout the table, except for waste from the food industry, where we could say that the ranking winning horse leads. Argentina focuses its export on the primary sector.

The list of the ten most exported products from Argentina during 2016 is as follows, expressed in billions of dollars:

No. Concept Exports Total percentage
1 Food industry waste 10,8 18,7%
2 Cereals 7 12,1%
3 Vehicles 5 8,7%
4 Animal or vegetable fats, oils and waxes 5 8,6%
5 Seed oil 3,8 6,6%
6 Precious gems 2,2 3,9%
7 Other chemicals 1,9 3,3%
8 Fish 1,7 2,9%
9 Meat 1,5 2,5%
10 Mineral fuels 1,4 2,5%

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