Most exported products from Peru


In this list we present the list of the ten most exported products from Peru, with minerals appearing in the first position with 12.2 billion dollars and representing 34% of the total percentage, followed with a certain distance by precious metals with 6, 8 billion dollars and a percentage of 18.9%, and we closed the third place with minerals, representing an export value of 2.3 billion dollars and 6.4% of the total percentage.

Peru is ranked number 43 in the ranking of the largest export economies in the world. The main destinations for exports are China, the United States, Switzerland, Canada and South Korea. Peru is positioned as one of the most exporting countries of agricultural and mineral products in Latin America.

The list of the ten most exported products from Peru in 2017 is as follows, expressed in billions of dollars:

No. Concept Exports Total percentage
1 Minerals, waste 12,2 34%
2 Precious metals 6,8 18,9%
3 Minerals 2,3 6,4%
4 Fruit, nuts 2 5,6%
5 Copper 1,7 4,8%
6 Residues from the food industry, animal feed 1,2 3,3%
7 Coffee, tea, spices 877,8 2,4%
8 Knitwear, accessories 791,8 2,2%
9 Fish 698 1,9%
10 Vegetables 662,6 1,8%

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