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In this list we expose the list of the ten most imported products from the United Kingdom, with computers appearing in the first position with 80.7 billion dollars and representing 12.7% of the total percentage, followed with a certain distance by vehicles with 74.4 billion dollars and a percentage of 11.7%, and we closed the third place with electrical machinery, representing a value of imports of 70.5 billion dollars and 11.1% of the total percentage.

The main trading partners are the United States, Germany, Switzerland, China and France. Around 60% of imports entering the United Kingdom correspond to manufactured products, while only 3% correspond to raw materials. The British country is the fifth largest trading nation in the world. The import sectors that generate the most income in the Anglo-Saxon country are machinery and transport, manufacturing and chemical products.

The list of the ten most imported products from the United Kingdom during the year 2017 is as follows, expressed in billions of dollars:

No. Concept Imports Total percentage
1 Computers 80,7 12,7%
2 Vehicles 74,4 11,7%
3 Precious metals 70,5 11,1%
4 Electrical Machinery 58,4 9,2%
5 Minerals 39,2 6,2%
6 Pharmacists 32,8 5,2%
7 Airplanes, spaceships 18,9 3,0%
8 Optical, technical and medical devices 17,5 2,8%
9 Plastics 17,1 2,7%
10 Furniture, lighting, prefabricated buildings 11 1,7%

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