Most imported products from China


In this list we present the list of the ten most imported products from China, with electrical equipment appearing in the first position with 431.6 billion dollars and representing 25.7% of the total percentage, followed by electrical machinery with 414.3 billion dollars and a percentage of 26.1%, and we closed the third place with minerals, representing a value of imports of 175.8 billion dollars and 11.1% of the total percentage.

China's main trading partners are the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, and Germany. Making an analysis of the ranking we can see how practically 50% of its imports are destined for machinery in general, making it a country where apparently basic needs are covered and the objective is to create an increasingly high welfare state.

The list of the ten most imported products from China in 2017 is as follows, expressed in billions of dollars:

No. Concept Imports Total percentage
1 Electrical Equipment 431,6 25,7%
2 Electrical Machinery 414,3 26,1%
3 Minerals 175,8 11,1%
4 Computers 147,8 9,3%
5 Minerals, waste 93,2 5,9%
6 Optical, technical and medical devices 92,6 5,8%
7 Vehicles 71,5 4,5%
8 Plastics 61 3,8%
9 Organic chemicals 43,9 2,8%
10 Oilseeds 38,3 2,1%

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