Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid


Entrepreneurship is an option that many people decide to carry out as an alternative to the option of working in a certain business managed by another company. On many occasions, this way of working is chosen to reconcile work and personal life, and carry out the activities that we really want.

There are many entrepreneurs who have an idea, and who decide to embark on this path, but without having knowledge of some initial problems that may arise during the journey.

Before mentioning the main problems that we can find when undertaking, we want you to know the most common causes that lead people to start their projects.

Reasons to undertake

On many occasions we do not find the work that fulfills us, and the activity we do does not arouse interest or passion. For this reason we decided to opt for a different alternative, but there are more reasons why entrepreneurship may be the option we need to develop the work we want.

  • Reconcile work and personal life.
  • Work on the projects we really want.
  • Choose the activity that we like.
  • Be our own bosses.
  • Have more flexible hours.
  • Being able to work from home.
  • Start our own idea.
  • Provide value to distinguish ourselves from the competition.

Now, these are the motivations that lead us to undertake, but what are the most common problems? Let's get to know them in detail.

Errors that we must avoid when undertaking

  1. Not having an initial business plan: Not having a defined plan from the beginning in which we have described our ideas, thoroughly reflected our services, the human resources we need, the strategies, the budget. All of this can lead to problems in the future as we do not have a solid base to start with since we have not paid attention to our competition or the markets we are targeting.
  2. Cover all the tasks oneself: It is usually common that when a project starts we need to adjust expenses and try to develop all the possible tasks ourselves even though we do not know certain fields. This is a problem because it can prevent us from focusing on what we do well and limit the growth of the project. If we can delegate some of our tasks, let's do it. In this way we can direct our attention to what we know how to develop most effectively.
  3. Start too strong: By this I mean especially wanting to have a very high budget, which can lead us to mortgage and not get benefits. The most advisable thing is that expenses are increased progressively as we grow.
  4. Very unrealistic objectives: If we must have something initially, they are measurable and realistic objectives. There is no use setting great goals in a very short period of time. Therefore, it is another of the issues that we must work on when starting our project.
  5. Relying on financial aid: It is a complicated issue since if we are only going to depend on what they enter us, or on possible loans, we will not be able to develop the business as we had planned. Therefore, it is always good to start with an inexpensive mattress and with simpler options that we can increase once we earn money to increase what our business offers.

These are some of the causes that can lead to our businesses not having the expected success and the first problems appear. The ideal is to have a clear idea, know the market to which we are going to go, the competition, highlight our contribution of value and let ourselves be carried away by realistic objectives from the beginning, advancing progressively.

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