The importance of having clear goals


In our current society we have a huge range of professional possibilities to dedicate ourselves to, unlike our ancestors. However, the difficulty now is to find what we are passionate about. And that is why motivation and coaching courses have proliferated in recent years.

One of the next initiatives carried out in Spain is the motivated tour, organized by Banco Mediolanum whose objective will be to help attendees find the keys to achieve their personal goals, whatever they may be.

To do this, they will organize six conferences between November 22 and January 31, which will take place in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Bilbao and Valencia. It will be made up of renowned characters such as Elsa Punset, Sebastián Álvaro and Toni Nadal.

By supporting this initiative, Banco Mediolanum intends to bring the figure of the financial advisor closer to its client, a figure that is not widely used in Spain. What has caused traditional banks to have so much power, since only 4% of the assets of Spaniards are advised by financial advisers, while in countries with more financial literacy such as the United Kingdom, this percentage rises above 80 %. Where it is much easier for an advisor to advise products adapted to each client in a personal way and not those that suit the salesperson on duty.

In this way, the bank seeks a collaboration between both figures, training the client so that they know the new products that adapt to their investor profile and thus understand the benefits of product diversification, detaching themselves from the investment monopoly of the banks.

The conferences will be focused on personal development and the achievement of goals. On the one hand, the writer and philosopher Elena Punset will help from a psychological point of view to manage our thoughts to achieve more positive and creative work environments. Toni Nadal, the uncle and coach of tennis player Rafa Nadal, will highlight the importance of effort and work to achieve our goals. And Sebastián Álvaro will reflect on the importance of teamwork, backed by his experience as director of the TVE program “Al filo de lo impossible”. Other speakers will be the former basketball player Juanma López Iturriaga and the motivator Víctor Küppers.

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