The startups that raised the most money in Spain in 2016


Between technology, innovation and millionaire rounds the entrepreneurial ecosystem unfolds; a race for success. We are facing the boom of companies known as startups, where Spanish talent is emerging. Among all the newly created companies in Spain, we present the ones that have achieved the largest financing rounds in 2016.

These five examples of success that add up to more than 240 million euros of investment in 2016, among which are two from the job sector and two from e-commerce, the hottest sectors so far without counting on fintech, from which we will soon begin to see big balls. Without a doubt, the world of startups is revolutionizing the current landscape. Are we facing a new bubble or is it the economy of the future?

1. Cabify (105 million euros)

The largest investment round in the history of Spain on record. It has raised a round of 105M euros in which the Japanese fund Rakuten Venture and the startup's previous investor, Seaya Ventures, have participated.

The car rental application with a driver, was founded in 2011 by Juan de Antonio and is revolutionizing the transport sector in full battle with the taxi sector. Its innovative vision is making it grow at spectacular rates, positioning itself as a reference in 17 cities in Spain and LATAM. With these new funds, it will continue to establish itself and open new markets.

2. Hawkers (50 million euros)

The eyewear giant has raised € 50M in its first investment round in 3 years and the highest in the e-commerce sector in Europe. The round was closed with several private investors, among which the founders of Tuenti (Félix Ruiz and Hugo Arévalo) or the O’Hara Financial fund stand out.

Pablo Sánchez, David Moreno and Francisco Pérez, are the founders of the low-cost glasses giant who began their adventure in 2013 with € 300 and this 2017 they plan to bill 150M. His original idea was to create a portal to buy and sell second-hand items that did not work. Their strength was the e-commerce sector, and so they began to design for others with surprising results. That's when they decided to sell something online, but with a powerful digital marketing strategy. This is how the idea of ​​selling glasses came up with which they have been profitable from the first moment.

3. Job and talent (38 million euros)

After several previous rounds, this Series B led by Atómico, the venture capital fund created by the founder of Skype, has become one of the largest and most popular in Spain for 38M euros.

The initial focus of Job & Talent was to carry out automatic matching between candidates and job offers, a model with which they had millions of users, but with millions in losses as well. Finally, they have pivoted to being an "online ETT", where they are in charge of reducing the administrative burden of SMEs in hiring personnel from the application. With this new injection of money, they plan to consolidate their new business model and continue expanding internationally.

Juan Urdiales and Felipe Navío, saw the need to modernize the digital job search in 2009. Having arrived first and being well accompanied have been key to opening doors and achieving success. Among its first investors, stand out names of Spanish high society such as Pelayo Cortina (son of Alberto Cortina and Alicia Koplowitz), Nicolás Luca de Tena (of the founding family of ABC), the Entrecanales family (of the Acciona group) or the well-known business Spanish angel Carlos Blanco.

4. STAT- Diagnostica (25 million euros)

The largest investment in the health sector in 2016 in Spain.

Gildde Healthcare is leading the 25M investment in the Spanish biotech company that is developing the Point of Care diagnostic system. This new advance facilitates and speeds up the diagnosis of diseases that need to be detected quickly. A mechanism that will help the patient to heal from the rapid identification of the disease.

Until 2016, the company had obtained 44M for the development of the system and with this new contribution, they will achieve the fine-tuning of the product and launch it on the European market,

5. Cornerjob (22.5 million euros)

The immediate job search application originated. In the business creation program of the founders of Wallapop, it has raised € 22.5M in Series B to expand its presence in Europe, America and Asia.

Since its launch in 2015 it has achieved 35M and the last round, has been led by Northzone and E-ventures. Among the previous investors, names such as Mediaset, Sabadell VC, Caixa Capital Risc, Bonsai VC or Ithaca investment stand out.

With these endorsements and media support, the application has achieved record numbers such as 100K managed contracts and 650K monthly downloads in less than a year.

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